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Reflections on a life-long journey of faith and work
among the world’s poor

by Jerry Aaker


There are thousands of books on spirituality.
Why pick up this book out of the many and make it your own? 

Here’s what you get in A Spirituality of Service....

  • Packed from beginning to end....inviting, approach of quiet reflection and humility from a man of God not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty in service anywhere on the globe, walking alongside the poor as a partner and friend.   A mood of Gentle meditation that encourages, rather than self-certain advice that sitting down with a friend and deeply conversing about faith and life....refreshingly open, upliftingly faithfilled, gently searching, honestly reflecting....offers a shared journey as you walk with the author and exchange thoughts about meaning and commitment.  No boring theological lectures.....only invitations to actively ponder your own life in an atmosphere of acceptance and exploration.
  • Five Major Sections: 
    • Part One: The Journey
    • Part Two: Spiritual Practice
    • Part Three: Spirituality in action
    • Part Four: Encounters on the Journey
    • Part Five: Developing a Rule of Life
    • Closing Challenge: And What about You?
  • 35 thoughtful essays on provoking themes....encompassing service, faith and spiritual practices.....including—Silence, worship, prayer, contemplation, spiritual direction, the desert experience, Lenten journeys, peace and peace-making, Accompaniment, the gifts of the poor, waiting, faith and tradition, being a servant leader, doubt, celebration, perseverance, discernment, patience, self-examination, holy conversation, hospitality, mirth, personal legacy, clear vision, the cornerstones of spirituality....and more.
  • 100 plus.... inspirational quotations from the saints of faith and service who have gone before.
  • 100 plus.... in the field, personal, on the spot honest journal reflections with all their warts and questions, hopes and frustrations -- scratched out in quiet moments over 40 years while spending time with the poor in 60 + villages and towns 22 countries on 5 continents—written during days and nights living with and making a difference for the disadvantaged and the poor across the voice to the gentle spirit of love and faithfulness that emerges from faithful service.
    • Journal exerpts written in
      Katmandu, Nepal
      Lviv, Ukraine
      Teqocigalpa, Honduras
      The Bay Islands
      Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia
      San Salvador, El Salvador
      Tirana, Albania
      Lake Atitan, Guatemala
      Warsaw, Poland
      Lima, Peru
      Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
      Andean Region, South America
      Quito, Equador
      St Pertersburg, Russia
      From:  South Africa, Indonesia, Romania, Mozambique,  and more

  • Regular Reflection Interludes inviting you to stop and reflect, rather than race through to the next key point.
  • 127 in depth questions that help you ponder and plumb the richness of your own understandings and your own call to service.
  • Website Reference Guide to 7 Key Worldwide Service Organizations
  • Bibliography of 40 More Great books for additional Spiritual Reflection about Faith and Service

This delightfully full, idea rich book is most unusual, user-friendly, packed to the gills with stories, insights, joyful encounters, and serious reflection. 

Don’t miss it ... It’s a long-lasting, bountiful, multi-course meal for the soul for about the cost of one dinner out.

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