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Reflections on a life-long journey of faith and work
among the world’s poor

by Jerry Aaker


"A Spirituality of Service: Reflections on a Life-long Journey" doesn't just ponder the importance of serving our neighbors, it also equips readers to embody a life so worthy of intercessory living that our every action for others is prayer.  The collision of spirituality and human need finds no conflict in Aaker's work because he travels with readers throughout the globe in a journey of self discovery and hope. By design, every chapter sets the stage for another opportunity for Emmaus.  For anyone who has ever felt the need to renew oneself amid a vocation to others, this book will provide practical opportunities for reflection and renewal. 

Rev. C. Douglas Smith, Chair of the Heifer International Board of Directors

Jerry Aaker is a man of deep faith with a longstanding commitment to loving and serving his global neighbors. In "A Spirituality of Service," he reflects on a lifetime of service around the world and how his vocational journey has helped to shape his faith, sharing his own experience so that it might helps others who find themselves on a similar path. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in deepening their own spiritual practice — Jerry is a fabulous guide. 

—John Nunes, President and CEO, Lutheran World Relief

While telling his own fascinating journey of spirituality and service in development work around the world, Jerry Aaker encourages readers to reflect deeply on their own spiritual journey of service.

—Bradley Hanson, Co-Director, Grace Institute for Spiritual Formation, Professor Emeritus of Religion, Luther College

A Spirituality of Service was written by a layman who felt called by God to live and work among the poor and who also felt a need to undergird that work by learning to draw strength from God. As a result, the product is authentic. It is, as he admits, a “spirituality of imperfection,” therefore easy for us imperfect folks to relate to. I say that with some conviction because my wife Shirley and I read the 35 chapters aloud together, a chapter each evening. We felt drawn to the people Aaker met, enriched by his own journey and grateful for the mutual reflection that it spawned.

—Art Simon, Founder and President Emeritus, Bread for the World

What do you get when you cross a seasoned international relief and development professional with a spiritual director? Jerry Aaker. In a culture that is increasingly “spiritual but not religious,” he is unapologetically both. “A Spirituality of Service” combines journal reflections from work on 5 continents with commentary on the life of faith in a narrative that is engaging and inspiring.

—Bishop Jessica Crist, Montana Synod, ELCA and Chair of the Conference of Bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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