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Donald A Tubesing

Ten years ago I retired from book publishing.  It didn’t last.  The thrill of co-creating unique, award-winning books gets in the blood. Even in retirement I helped birth six new titles of merit.  Finally, I gave up on the retirement approach to life. In light of the exciting new opportunities for production and distribution that have emerged in the book publishing field during the past decade, and in honor of my 70th birthday (YES!) I am introducing the new Pfeifer-Hamilton Series, Wisdom from the Elders: Giving Voice to the Wisdom and Insights of Our Most Experienced Citizens. Please check out the first title in this series: A Spirituality of Service.

The challenge of helping people develop their ideas into book form, then packaging and producing a quality product and bringing it to market continues to be one of the most rewarding opportunities of my professional life. Pfeifer-Hamilton continues to publish titles with messages that make a positive difference in people’s lives. The success of the authors and artists who trust Pfeifer-Hamilton with their work continues to bring me great personal satisfaction. We continue with our tradition of publishing the highest quality one-of-a-kind books, one-at-a-time. Truly, the pride goes in, before the seal goes on...and thankfully, the joy of creating still fires hot as ever.

I hope you enjoy our growing list of unique  titles.

Donald A Tubesing

Pfeifer-Hamilton—books that make you laugh, make you cry, touch your heart, and give you hope.